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Need a copywriter? Find out how to maximise your return on investment with my FREE report: Discover the 5 Profitable Powers of Persuasive People: Everything You Should Know Before You Hire Your Marketeer

Need a copywriter? Discover the 5 Profitable Powers of Persuasive People: Everything You Should Know Before You Hire Your Marketeer


Excellent service – Sally has provided quality content and shaped the tone for my business website and app. Her work has always been professional and completed on time. She has also gone above and beyond her service in helping us with marketing advice. I would be delighted to recommend her services to anyone seeking quality written content.

Sam Baron, Founder,


We generate engaging content for a huge variety of clients, and Sally is a valuable resource to us. She can adapt her style to any area; be it consumer issues, health and beauty, sport and fitness, luxury goods, reviews…you get the picture. She has turned copy around for us within tight deadlines, which is always written in the right tone and makes a great read. I’d recommend Sally to anyone looking for an instinctive, accomplished and reliable copywriter.

Rachel Everett, Partner and Editorial Director,

White Horse Digital

We worked with Sally just before our peak events season of the year. Sally was professional yet friendly, her time and skills shared were gratefully received and a massive help to our charity. After an informal discussion, I completed Sally’s briefing form and was delighted by the copy which was received ahead of schedule. In fact, as soon as I picked up the email containing the first draft of the copy, I immediately had to write to her – what she did was fantastic! Sally understood the audience, conveyed the message clearly and gave a fresh approach to our communications; I was excited reading her copy and delighted with the outcome – I wanted to sign up myself! Thanks to Sally, HOPE sent two e-newsletters out to recruit participants for an up and coming cycling event. We look forward to working with Sally again in the future.

Rachel Simkin, Events and Volunteer Manager,

HOPE for Children

I commissioned Sally to rewrite our website copy following a recommendation from a friend. Right from the outset, Sally grasped the various strands of our business and the different aspects of the role we play for clients, despite not having a background in our industry. Sally completely understood our vision for the business and added real value by giving advice and direction on how the website should be written to make to most of all opportunities.

Sally saw that the challenge was going to be balancing a professional tone of voice with character and personality, which plays a big part in our business and is essential to what we do. She produced impressive, meaningful and client-focussed copy that exceeded requirements and balanced both aspects of tone perfectly – professional copy that really brought the nature of our business to life.

All dealings with Sally were efficient and focused, and she delivered the top quality copywriting we expected. She has a clear expertise and we’ve been impressed with the way she has learnt about the more technical details of what we do. She was friendly, articulate and instantly understood what we were seeking from our website copy, bringing clarity and a user perspective to the site. I’d highly recommend Sally to anyone needing a copywriter who brings added value to your business, and makes the task of sourcing new copy a breeze.

Andy Kreppel, Director,

Akumen Associates

I recently bought a niche online business that needed a new website and around 5000 words of text. We sell dolls houses and accessories globally ( and have around 50% returning customers who spend a long time browsing on the site. It was really important to us that the text wasn’t just written to help with optimisation, but really added to the experience for the customer so they didn’t feel like they were being sold to, but being helped by fellow enthusiasts.

The project needed to be completed within 6 weeks, and we agreed a timetable including redrafting, all of which Sally met before the deadlines. The first draft Sally sent blew me away, I had tried to write some of the copy myself and with over 50 categories, many of which were very similar, duplicating becomes a real issue. Sally had managed to create completely unique and complementary landing page text for all the different categories.
What impressed me most about Sally’s work is that this was an area that she had no prior experience of, and within the first week had identified our customer base demographics, spoken to existing customers and given me a draft style plan.

Since the copy went live, we saw a 26% reduction in bounce rate of new visitors, a 34% increase in how long potential customers stay on our site, and a 21% increase in web sales. At the bottom line, I recommend Mustang Copywriting to anyone who would like to increase sales of your product or service.

Ben Griffiths, Managing Director,

Neatcrown Ltd,

Who’s Who Business Leaders 2012

Sally was fantastic to work with, organised, efficient and everything ran smoothly due to her. Thank you for your energy, passion and great work!

Julia Davies, Global Brand Manager,


We’ve worked with Sally on a number of projects, including websites, advertorials and press releases, and have always been very impressed not only with her highly-skilled writing, but also her management of projects. Sally has a good understanding of our industry and how to style copy succinctly to get the results we wanted. She is enthusiastic, engaging and made the whole process easy. A pleasure to work with and someone I’d highly recommend.

Angela Lloyd, Marketing Manager,


Sally always produces high quality copy that talks directly to the reader. Corporate jargon is translated in a simple yet effective way that gets the key messages across. The end result is copy that people understand and relate to easily rather than being confused – a very persuasive technique! I’d recommend her to all my clients.

Liz Jones, Senior Associate Director,

Lexis PR

Our business spans a vast array of topics and markets, and we frequently have need of someone to make light work of heavy copy. Sally has been an invaluable resource to us, understanding the audience, message and brief and turning around concise and perfectly pitched editorial, often at short notice if required. It’s very refreshing to find someone with such a strong work ethic who’s also a pleasure to work with!

Lucy Sandford, Publisher,

The Eventful Publishing Company

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Need a copywriter? Discover the 5 Profitable Powers of Persuasive People: Everything You Should Know Before You Hire Your Marketeer